What is Energy, Energy Healing, Energy Work?

What is Energy? Have you heard this term before? It is used quite often in Holistic Health or Alternative Medicine. These forms of medicine is tied to the New Age Movement. The Movement doesn’t believe that there is a personal creator (God) who originally made all things.  As a result of this belief, they developed an alternative explanation to account for the existence of all things. In other words, this occult view needs to have a kind of “creative force” that is equivalent to the one true God.

The term “Energy” is usually used as a substitute for God’s creative power. It’s an appealing concept because people today think in terms of electricity, solar rays, nuclear power, and so on, which are invisible energies. The type of energy that New Age occult literature speaks of is not the same. It speaks of electricity, magnetism, and the like as compared to a spiritually invisible “creative force” out of which all things exist. The implication is that the ultimate cause of the universe is impersonal, whereas in the Christian view, God is very very personal. It must be understood that this New Age force or energy is a religious or spiritual belief and has nothing to do with the findings of science or the known forces of nature, or God’s creation.

This “energy” goes by countless names such as: Lifeforce, vital force, The Force, animal magnetism, Chi/Qi/Ki, Yin/Yang, the innate, life energy, universal life energy, cosmic energy, mana, orgone, para-electricity, prana, and vital energy. This “energy” is said to be that in which all things have their origin and by which all things are sustained. In New Age belief, if life is going wrong or if an evil occurs, such as an illness, it is because the “life-energy” is blocked at some point or out of balance. Their solution is to correct that imbalance or unblock the flow. There is always a lot of talk about balancing, or getting in harmony with one’s life energy. They believe that anyone who knows the correct “spiritual technologies” such as those found in holistic health care, can tap into and manipulate this invisible “force” at will.  This concept is totally from the occult.  The most controversial claim in this general area of pseudoscience is the belief that healers can channel “healing energy” into a patient and effect positive results.

I want to be clear that this concept of “energy” is a spiritual belief. And a lot of the Alternative medicines that use “energy” as their main form of healing are using “spirit guides” as their source of “energy”. Using a spirit guide is considered spiritism, or a medium, or necromancy. This is essentially calling on demonic powers to assist them in channelling their “energy” into you. Potentially they could be channelling demonic spirits into you. All of which the Bible warns us against! The Bible specifically says to stay away from these occult practices, and calls them abominations. Leviticus 19:31, 20:6, 20:27, Isaiah 8:19, 19:3,  2 Kings 21:6, 23:24, Deuteronomy 18:9-12, 2 Chronicles 33:6.

This “energy” belief system is taught in many pagan religions such as Taoism, Jainism, Buddhism, Hinduism, or Zoroastrianism.
Alternative Medicines that use “energy healing”: Acupuncture, Acupressure, Ayurvedic Medicine, Biofeedback, Chinese Medicine, Chakra’s, Chiropractic, Crystal Healing, Homeopathy, Kinesiology, Magnetic Healing, Naturopathy, Reflexology, Reiki or Therapeutic Touch, and Yoga, are just a few examples. I will be writing blogs on a lot of these Holistic Health practices in the blog series I have recently started called, Exposing the Occult.



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Christian Answers for The New Age

What is the New Age Movement?

Energy Medicine

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