I am Healed: 2 Month Update!

It’s been a little over 2 months since I have been healed!!! (Healing story) EEEEEKKKK I have been very busy! Within the first week I was out ministering and praying for healing for other people. It has been fun and challenging learning how to walk in the Spirit in a whole new way. I was living in a monastery type of environment because of being mostly bed ridden and in the Wilderness. Having that change overnight has been mind boggling. I sometimes feel like I am in the book of Acts just seeing how God’s hand plays out in opening up doors for new ministering opportunities by just going to Wal-mart or out to eat dinner. Continue reading

Is the New Madrid Fault Line Awakening?

A couple of months ago God gave me a dream and showed me a map of the United States in Black and White. The New Madrid fault line was in red. The map started bouncing and shaking and God said a “Great Shaking is Coming to America.” The map then broke along that fault line into many pieces. It almost looked like it shattered. It will cause mass destruction and suffering.

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