An Awakening and a Calling

My husband Jeff has a story to tell…
On April 17th I was re-baptized in water, baptized with fire and baptized with the Holy Spirit! So let me back up and explain the events that led up to this.

My wife and I where attending a church in Jonesville MI, and we were starting to become active in ministry. During the course of this time my wife became ill and starting having severe pain in her back. After many doctor visits we found she had spinal issues among other things. As the months progressed she became bed ridden. Many of the people from church and other areas of our lives started to treat her poorly. Continue reading

Water Baptism

Water baptism is more than just an outward show of an inward act of repentance. The Greek word baptizo translated baptized means to dip, soak, immerse into a liquid so that what is dipped takes on the qualities of what it has been dipped in. Water Baptism is symbolic of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus/Yeshua. Therefore, you should be immersed completely, not just have water poured or sprinkled on your forehead.  Being baptized into the Name of Jesus/Yeshua means our hearts are changed and we take on the qualities of the Messiah. Continue reading