Mount of Olives Plot Acquired for Red Heifer Ceremony.

On November 22nd The Temple Institute announced that it has acquired a halachically acceptable plot of land on the Mount of Olives to conduct the offering of the Red Heifer sacrificial ceremony!!!

This is a major announcement!!!

The Temple Institute also confirmed that, as of November 22, ALL FIVE of the red heifers imported from the US, September 15th (the second anniversary of the Abraham Accords, coincidence?? I think not.) remain KOSHER. This means that, if the oldest remains so, in only 7 to 8 months, she can be offered on the newly acquired site on the Mount of Olives and burned to ashes.

I am sorry I haven’t written about this sooner, but some personal craziness that has been going on in my life had gotten in the way of doing so. I am beyond excited about the progress of the Red Heifer situation. Now why is this significant news? The Mount of Olives is the exact location that is required to offer this sacrifice. The other elements for the ceremony to take place are all taken care of, such as the priests. There are a 5-6 priests that have remained ritually pure, meaning they have never come in contact with a dead body, or walked over a grave, and have not been in a Hospital. Hyssop and cedar trees, a special worm, all required for the ceremony are in the possession of the Temple Institute as well. The ashes are required for purification of the future Temple, it’s priests, and the people.

IF the heifers remain without blemish, the ceremony could take place in late 2023. The temple doesn’t have to be built for this ceremony. The Ashes can be kept in a safe place until the Temple is built. We are just a few steps closer to the Temple being built!!! I just want to clarify that as a Christian I am looking as a prophetic end times development. No, we don’t need a Temple because Jesus/Yeshua was the ultimate sacrifice dying on the execution stake for all of our sins. The majority of the Jewish people do not believe this, however. In Matthew 24:15 Jesus prophesies about the the Anti-Messiah standing in the Temple performing the Abomination that causes Desolation. Therefore sacrificing must start up again and the Temple must be built for this to take place.

One other prophetic update: I recently heard on Hagman & Hagman an interview done with Steve Quayle. Steve has heard and seen videos of Two Witnesses clothed in sackcloth in Rome. Now I have looked to try to find these videos, and cannot find them. I do know this, IF these are the Two Witnesses described in Revelation 11, then we will all know about it soon enough. IF these are the Two Witnesses then that also means that the 7 year Tribulation time period has started at the ending of the Shemitah year.

Please take the time to read my other posts on the SHEMITAH and SIGNS THE TRIBULATION HAS BEGUN for further understanding.

I also encourage you to take time to listen to the MIRACULOUS story of how the 5 Red Heifers were found and flown to Israel.


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