An Awakening and a Calling

My husband Jeff has a story to tell…
On April 17th I was re-baptized in water, baptized with fire and baptized with the Holy Spirit! So let me back up and explain the events that led up to this.

My wife and I where attending a church in Jonesville MI, and we were starting to become active in ministry. During the course of this time my wife became ill and starting having severe pain in her back. After many doctor visits we found she had spinal issues among other things. As the months progressed she became bed ridden. Many of the people from church and other areas of our lives started to treat her poorly.

She stopped going to the church we were going to, but I kept going. Wanting answers and any help from the church I kept going, but none came. I become more frustrated, especially since in the book of Acts it tells the church to go and pray for there fellow brothers and sisters in Christ if they are ill.

On July 4th 2015 my wife was completely healed! (Blog here) Months before this date her parents, brother, and other people that are attending her parents church where laying hands on her and praying for her. Just like we read in the book of Acts, and other books in the Bible!

After my wife was healed I wasn’t sure if it was true, I mean she would occasionally have “good” days when she was ill, where she would feel somewhat better and go out and do things around the house. But something was different this time, she was doing more and more every day! 2 weeks after she was healed she wanted to drive! I was worried, she hadn’t driven a vehicle in over 3.5 years. Every time she would get in a vehicle, within 5 minutes she would be in so much pain from the bumps that she would be sobbing, ready to puke and pass out from the pain. Her activity’s increased, she mowed the whole lawn, and was even splitting wood again! I couldn’t believe it!

The power of Christ healed her! I became frustrated at first with the church I was attending, they hadn’t done anything like this for her! Then I stopped going because I became angry at them, then my anger turned into bitterness, extreme bitterness, border line hatred! This was a very slippery slope I was on. The Bible warns us about bitterness and hatred, I was in danger of God’s wrath had I continued down that path.

During the months that followed my wife’s healing, she was searching for someone that was being obedient to God’s Word like we read in the book of Acts! In January of 2016 my wife found a man that was going out healing people, casting out demons, making disciples, baptizing them into Christ (water), and baptizing them in the Holy Spirit.

The man’s name is Torben Sondergaard, he is from Denmark. He has a website, a movie, and 20 lessons on his website, and You-tube. Amanda watched the movie without me, watched some of his vidoes, to make sure what he was doing is Biblical. There are so many false teachers out there, so she wanted to be sure everything was based on the Bible. After a month, she asked me to watch the movie he made, I think she was kinda afraid I might get mad, because of my religious back ground.

After watching the movie I was blown away, almost in tears (I rarely ever cry). It was Christ opening my spiritual eye’s and ear’s! It made perfect sense, it matched up exactly with what I had read in the book of Acts, and the Gospels, it is what Christ told us to do! All of a sudden I felt this burden to want to know more. Amanda asked me what I thought, she had that look like she wasn’t sure I believed. She also told me about the 20 lessons and asked if I would be willing to watch them, I agreed, what did I have to lose! The church as a whole we see today obviously isn’t obeying God in many areas, all I had to do was look at my wife and see how she suffered and the fact the my church did nothing.

After watching the first video I couldn’t believe my ears, this guy Torben was telling me exactly what I had been feeling about the church system for the last 5 years! I wanted to hear more and make sure it lined up with the Bible. After watching 5 of the lessons, I realized that when I had gotten baptized at age 12 in the Baptist church, I did it because I was told to, not out of faith and obedience to Christ. Yes I had repented, I knew about sin but I didn’t understand anything beyond that. The church was not showing me, only telling me. For years I wanted someone to show me but no one would.

Christ was showing me I needed to be obedient “faith without works (obedience) is dead” I needed to be obedient to Him, because that is what He wants. Also for many years the church has not been teaching or showing people about the Holy Spirit and that we need to be baptized in the Holy Spirit. We have to want it, ask for it, and have someone lay hands on us to receive it. I was beginning to understand!

I had a lot of pride, it took a couple of weeks for Christ to work on me and tear down this wall of pride and bitterness I had built. On April 17th 2016 my wife baptized me in water on my own faith and obedience into Christ (die with Christ, rise with Christ)!

After I was baptized, several family members including my wife laid hands on me, at first nothing was happening. I was getting frustrated, I knew I wanted the Holy Spirit. Then all of a sudden I began to shake uncontrollably, I felt like something wanted to come out. I started to dry heave, like I was vomiting, the bitterness and hatred where coming out! I was delivered from several demons that day! Then I started to submit, I was sobbing, then I said with a voice in my mind like I had never done before, JESUS I LOVE YOU! My mouth was shaking uncontrollably, and my tongue was moving, like I was trying to speak in tongues but it felt like nothing was coming out. But I knew something supernatural happened at that moment.

After that I felt a peace and joy like I had NEVER experienced in my entire life, I felt alive, It was LIFE! My wife and I went home and I just sat there for hours enjoying Gods presence, this lasted to the next day which was a Monday. Then Tuesday I went back to work, the first part of my 12 hour shift I still felt life, I was excited! But then I started having doubt, because I didn’t feel like I had really spoke in tongues. That doubt turned into disbelief. Then Wednesday I felt like the Holy Spirit, Christ, God had rejected me. I felt like I couldn’t speak in tongues. I was so discouraged. Satan was telling me lies, and I was experiencing Spiritual Warfare. But at the same time, I was reading Gods Word, stuff was jumping off the page like never before, it was exciting. The Holy Spirit was teaching me and giving me revelations. I was calling my wife from work, and we where having several hour long conversations about Gods Word like we never had before.

As the days progressed, I wanted my wife to lay hands on me again to see if I could try to speak in tongues, as she prayed it felt like there was a clamp on my jaw, and the more she prayed it got worse. To the point I almost couldn’t even talk normally. So we decided to wait until Sunday and have more people pray for me. I also felt like I was still dealing with some pride about this. It was very difficult and humbling. On Sunday 5 people laid hands on me and prayed, I spoke in tongues, then all of a sudden I got so weak I couldn’t stand no matter how hard I tried. I was slain in the Spirit! I felt that same peace that I felt the week before. It was amazing!

Since then I still struggle with speaking in tongues, but I am getting there. I am learning. I want to make sure its not me doing it, but the Holy Spirit speaking through me. As the weeks have progressed I have been hearing Gods voice like never before. He told me to sell everything, and live a simple life, debt free. He wants my wife and I to do ministry, just like we read in the book of Acts. To go out heal the sick, cast out demons, and spread the Gospel, baptizing people in water and the Holy Spirit.

More and more everyday I grow closer to Him, read His Word (usually its more like listen, very hard to read and drive at the same time) and He helps me to understand it. I enjoy hearing his Word like never before. I have also started to notice that He is consistently correcting me when I do wrong, telling me what is sinful. Some days are very hard and I hate it, I feel like I let Him down. But I do know He forgives me when I ask and He picks me back up. He is so kind and patient with me! He is also giving me a stronger desire everyday to want to quit my job and do what He wants me to do, be obedient like we see and read in the book of Acts. He has placed a calling on my heart. I have also found that when I am tempted He is right there, I rebuke the temptation in Jesus name and His Holy Spirit takes care of it for me!

As the days go by, the Holy Spirit is giving me more of a desire to want to obey, and serve Him. I have been enjoying it very much!

Wow! Amazing! On 5-13-16 while I was driving the semi, someone pulled out in front of me almost causing me to pile drive into the back of his car, he so politely gave me the middle finger as if it was my fault I almost hit him. I haul fuel (explosive, flammable product) to gas stations and when I am loaded the truck, trailer, and the fuel on my truck weigh close to 70 tons (140,000 lbs.) Usually I would get quite angry when motorists do these things. But the Holy Spirit kept me calm, I started to pray and worship God. I made it to my delivery (gas station), dropped the fuel. As I was getting ready to leave to go get another load, I thought I should put some music on to help me to focus on Christ. I had been driving for about 10 minutes praying and talking to God, when all of a sudden I started to speak in tongues. I was not expecting it! It was amazing! I have been struggling with speaking in tongues for several weeks now. I was so excited I started to laugh, and jumped up and down in my seat! I could hardly contain my excitement! I then spoke in tongues for another 15 minutes!

While at the loading rack, I was praying and asked God why I hadn’t received any visions? So I stopped praying and started to focus on loading the truck. All of a sudden I had a vision, I was standing in a mall, with my wife. We where both speaking in tongues. When all of a sudden we both looked at each other with that look like we both had the same thought. I asked her if the Holy Spirit told her about the same person I was seeing. She replied yes and we both pointed to a man in front of us. We walked up to this man who was in a wheel chair, I got down on one knee and and laid my hand on his arm. At that moment the Holy Spirit told me to “tell him to get up and walk.” I thought to myself “are you sure?”, then the voice said it again “tell him to get up and walk!”. So I told the man “In the name of Jesus get up and walk in Jesus name”! The man got up out of the wheel chair and walked! I fell down and started crying, the woman pushing the wheel chair put her hands over her mouth and began to sob. Then just as quickly as it came it was gone, I was looking at the loading computer like I had never left.

Yes the Holy Spirit is real! Yes Christ wants us all to have His Holy Spirit! Christ wants us to go out heal the sick, cast out demons, make disciples, baptizing them in water and the Holy Spirit. I hope that you will make that choice today, or maybe you have all ready repented and have been baptized in water, but would love to experience the Holy Spirit and have a deeper relationship with Christ. Or maybe you would just like prayer. Just let us know, We can come to you, lay hands on you and pray for you. We would love it!

Hi it’s Amanda now, and I am going to tell you my side of how things came to be. You see back in December 2014 I received my first vision of me praying for a person and them being healed. That month I had 9 visions of people being healed. The dreams and visions continued after that and haven’t stopped. I couldn’t even tell you how many there are total. During this time I was bed ridden. These visions and dreams that God gave me also had me convinced and full of faith that He was going to heal me so I could go out and do what He was calling me to do.

So I started trying to find people that do healing evangelism. I found several people and started gleaning what I could from them to try to learn how to do this myself. Meanwhile at Adriel Christian Church I was having hands laid on me in prayer at least twice a week and was having a lot of improvement. I was eventually healed completely on July 4th 2015. The week after I was healed I started going out to pray for other people for them to be healed. We also saw a lot of improvements and healings at my church. But something was still missing. I didn’t feel like what I was doing was all of my calling. I had seen many visions of me going out and healing people on the street and in malls, not just having healings happen at our church. I was getting frustrated, I knew there was more that He wanted me to do, I just didn’t know how. So I started searching for a teacher or a mentor that could teach me how to do this. I found several teachers, but didn’t agree with them all completely and I was having a hard time finding someone that would preach the whole Truth and to teach on how to do the street evangelism that I had seen myself doing.

In December of 2015 I watched the movie War Room. It inspired me to get into prayer differently and in a more organized way, and to start some serious petitioning on behalf of my husband. See he and I had never been equally yoked, or believing in the same things doctrinaly. I grew up in a Spirit filled church and was baptized in the Holy Spirit at the age of 13 and started speaking in tongues. So we have never seen eye to eye when it comes to the Holy Spirit. Well I started a prayer journal for my husband.

I started praying that he would come around to the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and be filled himself. I had a whole list of things I prayed. For example I declared that we would work in the Kingdom of God like Priscilla and Aquila, and Andronicus and Junia. Two couples in the Bible that worked together as a team. I desired that for us. At the same time I was also praying for a teacher I could learn from that spoke the Truth. I was tired of hearing so many false teachings, I just wanted the Truth.

Well I found Torben Sondergaard through a friend that I met on Facebook who lives in Japan. We used to be on the same diet, when we were both sick, and we were in a group on Facebook where we could talk about the diet and that is how we met. (Isn’t God awesome how he set that up!!!) Well Torben prayed for this friend and she was healed. I saw that she had posted his movie, and I was excited, I had no idea there was a movie! I watched the movie and within 30 minutes I was in tears! I remember jumping up off the couch and doing a dance and thanking Jesus for helping me to find this movie! It was exactly like the visions and dreams that God had showed me he was calling me to do! I couldn’t contain my excitement! It didn’t take me long to call my mom and send her the video so she could watch it too. My mom and Dad loved it as well. Next all 3 of us started watching Torben’s 20 video lessons on You-tube and we loved hearing the Truth.

After watching a few videos I decided to ask Jeff if he would watch the movie. I was praying the whole time that his eyes would be opened to the Truth. His eyes were opened! Fast forward to April and after Jeff’s baptism, I can say that almost all the prayers that I had for my husband were answered in less than a week! Whoa! Amazing what being baptized in the Holy Spirit can do! We are finally equally yoked and I am enjoying having conversations that we have never had and were completely off limits before. I finally feel like we are completely ONE like the Bible talks about with married couples. Just like God had always intended. I seriously got a “new” husband. He is a very different person now. The next day we were out praying for healing for someone.

My dreams and visions are coming true. I am beyond ecstatic about it all. I am excited to sell all of our things and house to be debt free so that we can work in God’s Kingdom full time. I can’t wait to see the Miracles God has in store for us and in store for the people we pray for. I am excited about being obedient and can’t wait to see where God takes us. I am truly overwhelmingly happy to be one of His workers that He has called to go out to heal the sick, cast out demons, spread the Gospel, and baptize people in water and the Holy Spirit. I am looking forward to working for God’s Harvest.

Please feel free to contact either Jeff or I if you want more information or prayer we would love to get together with you! We are pretty excited about what has been happening in our lives and we would love to share it with you!

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