Time to Prepare

Just think how drastically different life would be if Pharaoh had not heeded Joseph’s warning. How different will your life be if you do or don’t heed the warnings that God is saying to today’s prophets? This prophetess Mena Lee Grebin, is dead on with what God has been telling and showing me in dreams and visions. Many many other prophets are getting the same messages. We are feeling a very strong sense of urgency, God is going to be accelerating things. Are you going to listen?

It is time to repent and get right with God. It is time to prepare your family with what is to come, stock up food, water, etc. It is time to listen to what God is telling you what is happening and will happen in His Word. From Genesis to Revelation God is warning His people and giving examples of how to prepare, so many End Times scriptures are in the Old Testament. Look at Joseph and how he stocked food, (I don’t think it is a coincidence that Joseph stocked up for 7 years. How long will the tribulation be? That’s right 7 years!) or Noah building the ark, the bridesmaids having oil for their lamps, etc. History is constantly repeating itself, and biblical history is no different. God is always warning us what is to come, He wants us to be prepared because He Loves Us. He doesn’t want us to be caught unaware.

Prophesies that have all ready been fulfilled, will happen again. Just read Old Testament prophets like Isaiah, Jeremiah, Zachariah, Ezekiel, etc, for endless examples of this, some are unfolding right now. God’s judgment is coming to an ungodly nation, and I personally don’t believe we will be raptured away and miss all the bad suffering or turmoil. There are too many scriptures that refute this. I think the Church is going to be part of what God will be judging. We are all ready seeing trumpets sounding across the whole world. God has been sending the USA some judgments all ready, and they are going to get worse. These are shakings that he has been trying to wake us up with, but barely anyone is listening. You think things are bad and crazy now when you read the news headlines? This is nothing compared to what is to come. In Matthew 24 Jesus describes these events as Birth Pains. It is just starting!

So I beg you to get ready any way you can. Get right with God. There isn’t much time left to prepare

Here are two radio interviews between Rick Wiles and Mena Lee Grebin on TRUNEWS. End Times prophesies being foretold, Warnings from God.

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