Is the New Madrid Fault Line Awakening?

A couple of months ago God gave me a dream and showed me a map of the United States in Black and White. The New Madrid fault line was in red. The map started bouncing and shaking and God said a “Great Shaking is Coming to America.” The map then broke along that fault line into many pieces. It almost looked like it shattered. It will cause mass destruction and suffering.

The Earthquake coming is God giving us a warning AND it is also Judgement coming. He also told me other End Times things that will be happening in this Dream. There will be a spiritual awakening amongst some of the nations. There will be a revival amongst the Catholics producing a wave of the Holy Spirit and speaking in tongues amongst this group. The spiritually barren will start to produce fruit, and the persecution of the Jews that is going on at our college campus’s will move towards the synagogues and the Jewish people will start leaving America, going to Israel, because of the persecution.
So These are things that I have been praying about and watching the news for. I know I am not the only one that God has spoken some of these same things to. There are a lot of prophets out there He has spoken to, or given dreams and visions. A lot of prophets are being told to watch the New Madrid Line. Believe me I hope I am wrong in some of these things, but felt it was time to share it with you all.

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