Vision for Intercession

12/29/14   I was awakened around 4am. I had to go to bathroom, I felt sick to my stomach, which was weird since I was just up at 1am and was perfectly fine. I felt oppressed and just plain awful! I felt like puking. I got back into bed. There were several times I almost got up because I was so physically uncomfortable. I felt oppressed, I felt like something heavy was on my chest. I wanted to scream in frustration. I felt like I couldn’t move. Like I was strapped to the bed. I was almost panicky. And so I turned to Him, I asked God what was going on, and He instantly took me into a vision.

I was in a cage, a very tight confining black metal cage. My whole body hurt from leaning against the metal from the cage. It was digging into my body. Oh it hurt so bad. My muscles were in extreme pain and twitching, cramping, and jumping. My muscles wanted to move, to be stretched. I tried to stretch out my calves from the Charley horses, and that helped a little bit, even though I could not get a full stretch (not enough room) I tried to stretch out my back by touching the tips of my feet, (but couldn’t stretch my legs all the way) but that didn’t help because I was so hunched over with the cage being so short. My head was hitting the top and made me hunch over even in a sitting position. I was in agony. I felt like I had been beaten all over. I tried changing positions, but there was no other positions that would work in the cage.

Then I heard moaning, lots of eerie moaning and wailing surrounding me. I looked up to gaze at my surroundings. I was in a desert like place. Not much trees, no grass, just dirt. It looked desolate. And very Dry. Out in the middle of no where. It was HOT, there was no shade anywhere. My skin was blistered with sunburns. I had rags instead of clothing covering half my body. There was a farm type house and a lone dead tree next to it not giving much shade at all. I have no idea what country I was in, but next to me was other women, I was surrounded by these women in cages. We were staged about 5 ft apart. There were sooo many of us. Maybe 100? I couldn’t exactly see. I knew instantly (Holy Spirit Revealed) that we were captives of Isis. The vision was done, and I just knew I had to pray for these women. No wonder I wanted to puke and felt horrible and oppressed! I think I was feeling what those women might be feeling! I still feel a pain in my heart for them! I can’t stop praying for them!

This was a VIOLENT PUSH for intercession. Yes Jesus/Yeshua I will pray! You have gotten my attention for sure! He said to me, “I desperately need you to pray, there aren’t enough people in The Church praying. I need you to focus on this and dig for the truth and tell people what you learn.” I need you to speak for those who can’t.

You want to know what I learned? I learned some pretty horrific stuff. Every bit of information that I learned about what these women and children endure, makes me still even as I type this, want to puke.

I have a couple of videos for you to watch. It shows EVERYTHING! Ugh I don’t want to type it, but God said I needed to. So here it goes, brace yourself. They cover Genital Mutilation, Pedophilia, In-Breeding, Rape, Sex slaves, Child Marriage, and yes it shows some graphic detail on the genital mutilation, and 3 or 4 swear words. I know it’s 3 videos. But I found short versions. The full versions are out there if anyone wants to search for it. Taking time to understand what is going on in the world is worth it. I hope this knowledge will change your hearts so you too can start praying. Just praying for them could save them. Oh they so desperately NEED Jesus’ Love.

I also must say that the presenter (1st video) Ann Barnhardt is a pretty fiery woman about this subject matter. And is not afraid to tell her opinion. Regardless of her opinion, she is speaking the truth. I don’t condone her attitude or some of the language she uses. I think she is all fired up about her subject matter. SO>>>

Ann Barnhardt and Genital Mutilation:


Pedophilia and Bacha Bazi for the boys:


Child brides:

I know intense dream and intense subject matter! Not all of my dreams are like this, but this is the first one Jesus wanted me to share with you.

Islamic people need LOVE, they don’t have love in their religion. They are spiritually oppressed and depressed. They have the Orphan Spirit. If you would like more information on the Orphan Spirit check out a post my Brother Marcus did at his blog.  They need Jesus, will you pray for their salvation? I am personally praying for Jesus to reveal himself in dreams and visions for them.


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  1. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this site before but after looking at many of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly pleased I stumbled upon it and I’ll be bookmarking it and checking back frequently!


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